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 Is the NFL TOO Violent?

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PostSubject: Is the NFL TOO Violent?   Tue Jan 29, 2013 9:00 am

Over the last several weeks and months we've heard rhetoric about how the NFL is TOO violent, and major safety concerns are still in discussion.

But is the game too violent?

I agree that the game could use some equipment safety upgrades, and changes to rules. For example, institute the rule the NCAA has that if a player loses his helmet during a play he must sit out the next play. Maybe players in the NFL will actually strap up their chin straps. We've all heard about the multiple equipment upgrades available to lessen concussions, but the NFL has yet to institute any of them (one in particular is the pads placed on the outside of the helmets).

But again I ask, is the game too violent?

Yes it's a violent game. Any game that involves impact is going to be violent. But it's the game these guys (and some women) play, and they know the assumption of risk before they suit up on day one.

And if it too violent let's look at other sports that may be deemed too violent:

Players take a bat, hit a ball, thrown at them at high velocities, if they are successful they return that ball at a higher rate of speed (typically). Where's the violence?
Batters getting hit with 90mph fastballs in the shoulder, elbow, ribs, hips, legs, etc.
Pitchers getting hit in the face with return fire
Outfielders running in to (not-so) padded walls

Kicks to the legs (and sometimes a wee bit higher)
Hits to the face with the ball

Does no one care about the golf ball? He gets clobbered multiple times in a round, ricochets off trees, drowns in water, and gets buried in sand. Needless to say, no one is clammering about the innocent blades of grass that get destroyed.

Yes these examples were all tongue in cheek. But for someone to deem a game too violent, when the very foundation of the game was based upon some similiance of violence is like saying Americans have too many freedoms. Yes there should be equipment designed with additional safety feature, but to change the game or let it die because the social elite think that it's too violent is outrageous and an insult to the people who play it and the fans who watch it.

BTW, no one watches NASCAR without waiting for a crash - and the bigger, the better (Just ask anyone who watches).


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PostSubject: Re: Is the NFL TOO Violent?   Tue Jan 29, 2013 12:05 pm

not violent enough.

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Is the NFL TOO Violent?
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