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 Patriots** get the screw

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PostSubject: Patriots** get the screw   Tue Nov 19, 2013 12:51 pm

Finally after years of being on the benefits of some bogus calls/non-calls, last night the Patriots** were on the receiving end of the referees not paying attention to the game, and it cost the Patriots** the game.

1. It is my honest opinion that the Patriots** over the last decade have benefited from calls due to their name and frailty of players on the roster - namely Tom "Marsha" Brady. As well as the demeanor of their coach, jagoff! We've all seen it, Brady gets a close encounter with a defender and it would automatically raise a yellow hanky from the refs.

2. It has driven me nuts to watch how their players received preferential treatment from officiating crews while other team's WRs, QBs and Defensive players were either flagged excessively or not the beneficiary of the same type of touchy fouls.

3. This season is appears as if the tide is changing, and oh is it laughable. Let's face it, the officiating has been obnoxiously cruel to watch. And many have pondered, how the hell are these guys still officials.

4. But last night, oh last night. How I laughed at the replay when I saw it this morning? Oh how I pondered, how it wasn't at least holding? But then, deep down inside, down in the cockles of my heart, this enormous, obnoxious, overwhelming since of laughter riled up (think the fat kid on the Simpsons) and all I could muster was, "It's about time the Patriots** feel what the other 31 teams have been feeling for over a decade.

5. And while there should have been a holding call, 5 yard penalty, and one untimed down, I can't help but think. Screw you Belichick, screw you Marsha, screw you Gronk, screw you Kraft, and screw you Patriots** fans! The majority of your fans are happy when the refs were screwing other teams on your way to SB trophies, and you sat there with your smug looks, thinking you understood the rules of football. And you very well may, some of you anyway, but you've forgotten one of the golden rules - WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND! And the big fat elephant in the room has come to roost on you this weekend. Cry about it, bitch about it, but remember it's the fact that your team is full of metrosexual pansies that some of these rules are difficult to interpret, as well as why officials are confused about what constitutes a penalty.

6. Bottom line, YOU LOST!      


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Patriots** get the screw
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