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 OBJ goes off

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PostSubject: Re: OBJ goes off   Wed Dec 23, 2015 2:37 pm

Ban all bats!!


Wallace108: Jon, how the hell do you expect any of us to ever follow your posts? You always set the bar awfully high.  

"Ray Rice is special.  He is a guy for all situations, as I have said before, even in an elevator." -Mike Tomlin
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PostSubject: Re: OBJ goes off   Wed Dec 23, 2015 2:42 pm

@harrison'samonster wrote:
@FanSince72 wrote:

True, but if you look at the context in the case of the Panthers, you'd see that the bats were there all along and was a sort of juju for them - a good luck charm, if you will.

They brought them out during pregame and many players held them.  
So if someone holding a bat began to argue with an opposing player, the bat simply goes along for the ride (like the golf club).

Do the bats make sense to casual fans?
Who knows?

But to Panther fans they mean something and that's just one of the many weird things about sports.

Also, if the bats are there to menace, how come no other team has said anything about them?
I think Odell is grasping at whatever he can to somehow help to explain an otherwise inexplicable meltdown.

you make good points like always, but I would think the NFL should do something about bats being on the field.  Even in the case of something being positive, in the wrong situation it becomes a threatening weapon in the eyes of the other person.

for example, what if somebody came up and tapped on my window in a dark parking lot because they needed help changing a tire.  It can be a tense enough situation, but add to that the person is holding a tire iron.

It would be funny for the next team to play the Panthers to carry machete's onto the field as being symbolic of neutering the cats

I don't think bats or battleaxes or any other objects that could pass for weapons belong on any sports field and I agree that the NFL should simply outlaw such things.

Your tire-iron example reminds me of something that happened to me.
I was using a lump hammer to pound some stakes in the ground at my house to help me layout something I was building.

At the same time, a neighbor who recently moved in across the street started dumping some yard waste on the corner (it's a wooded area) and I went to confront him and ask that he not do that and all the while I was still holding the hammer.

I didn't even realize that I was still holding it and I've often wondered what he might have been thinking.

So yes, it's possible that from someone else's point of view a bat (or hammer) can seem threatening (but I still think Beckham is using it as an excuse).

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OBJ goes off
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