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 Joker's Sad, Cynical Divisional Round Picks *Spoiler: we lose*

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PostSubject: Joker's Sad, Cynical Divisional Round Picks *Spoiler: we lose*   Tue Jan 12, 2016 9:33 pm

Well I went 3-1 last week, let's see if I can get 'em all right this time around. Actually, it'd be best if I went 3-1 again.

Chiefs @ Patriots**: Chiefs. Kansas City's defense will put a lid on the far-from invincible New England offense, though I don't expect them to put up many points either. The Chiefs will win this due to turnover's and large defensive plays.

Steelers @ Broncos: Broncos. Okay folks, let's be realistic here. Big Ben, tough as the sonuva bitch is, will not be nearly effective enough recovering from torn ligaments in his shoulder to best the insanely talented Broncos defense. That's an injury that takes weeks to heal, not days. No Ben, no win.

Seahawks @ Panthers: Panthers. This game is so damn close it's honestly a toss-up, so really I'm just going with my gut.

Packers @ Cardinals: Cardinals. Gotta admit, the Packers really impressed me when I thought the Redskins were more likely to be the ones running away with that game. And I do think Rodgers will have a decent game out west, but the Cardinals are the more complete team. Their defense will put pressure on him like the Redskins did early on but won't clam up under pressure. Carson will be able to outduel Rodgers with more weapons and less of a pass rush to deal with.

If you expect to play against the Joker, you'd best be prepared to be dealt from the bottom of the deck!

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Joker's Sad, Cynical Divisional Round Picks *Spoiler: we lose*
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