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 Bruce Arians opens up about his Steelers “retirement”

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PostSubject: Re: Bruce Arians opens up about his Steelers “retirement”   Wed Nov 09, 2016 8:37 pm

@ChubbsPeterson wrote:
@Wallace108 wrote:
“Our head coach lost the game,” Arians said.  “He called off the dogs on defense.  You just don’t let Tommy Maddox sit there and go against a prevent defense.  He basically fired [defensive coordinator] Foge Fazio at halftime.  Foge was blitzing.  We had them beat. They knew we had them beat.”

Butch Davis, the same Butch Davis who didn't want Ben 2 years later and then got fired?  

While Arians has continued coaching in the NFL?  

So who was right?  Arians was.

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PostSubject: Re: Bruce Arians opens up about his Steelers “retirement”   Sat Nov 12, 2016 8:36 am

@ChubbsPeterson wrote:
@kirklandrules wrote:
Yeah, asking professional players to work in a position that isn't their specialty is less than desirable. That's almost as stupid as having a TE in the backfield acting as a FB and trying to block a blitzing Pro Bowl linebacker in the Super Bowl. All because the OC doesn't think FBs are necessary. Yikes!!! affraid

Psssssst.....who wears #82 on the Steelers this season and lined up in the backfield acting as a fullback and tried to block Terrell Suggs on Sunday?  

Bruce Arians isn't here anymore.  

Haley doesn't have a FB either.  He has a tight end, and a guy who played defense in college doing it.


PS....I love archives.  

Poor Crash never understood the argument behind the lack of a true FB. When you had a sh!tty o-line and needed 1 yard, you probably need a strong lead blocker. With Bell and the o-line the Steelers have today, the need for a strong lead blocker is reduced. The difference between what the Steelers have in Nix and what Arians had when David Johnson missed the lead block in the Super Bowl (resulting in fumble) is that Nix has the ability (maybe from his former wrestling days) to act as a fullback. Johnson looked horrible during his first stint with the Steelers when he'd line up in the backfield. But, like so many things Arians, BA continued along that failed mindset. I admit, Johnson looks more capable in the backfield during this tenure ... but he's had 7 years to practice.

You failed again, Crash

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Bruce Arians opens up about his Steelers “retirement”
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