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 didn't see before the game Sunday

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PostSubject: didn't see before the game Sunday   didn't see before the game Sunday EmptyWed Sep 27, 2017 12:00 am

I didn't see what was happing before the start of the game so if my reply was kinda stupid that is why. didn't start watching the game after 3 minutes into.

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PostSubject: Re: didn't see before the game Sunday   didn't see before the game Sunday EmptyWed Sep 27, 2017 1:16 am

Are you referring to the Steelers shit for sale thread? I was kind of confused by it, wasn't exactly sure what you were referring to so I took it down.

Just take a chill pill my man, I think a lot of fans saw that the Steelers didn't all come out for the National Anthem and either assumed it was a form of protest, or thought they were intentionally leaving Alejandro Villanueva out there by himself for the Anthem. Didn't help that the media is still to this day trying to portray it that way. Ben, AV, and Art Rooney all said that it wasn't a form of protest, it was simply the team making the conscious decision to sit out the anthem and to not partake in the politics and the activities that create divisiveness among teammates. Art Rooney II admitted it was a mistake and they didn't think that it was going to be misinterpreted as a form of protest the way that it was.

Villanueva also came out and apologized as he didn't tell his teammates what he was going to do (standing by himself outside the tunnel). Both AV and Ben said the team would've been out there with him if they knew that was what was going to happen. Either way the team was right behind AV at the entrance to the tunnel, they weren't in the locker room as some media outlets keep saying.

So essentially I think everyone got a little caught up in the moment. The team could've handled it better, and the media should be telling the whole truth of the situation instead of painting it out to be a protest in one form or another.

Hopefully we'll be back to business this weekend against the Ravens with a renewed focus on football instead of politics, and President Trump making stupid and predictable inflammatory comments as is the norm for him.

didn't see before the game Sunday PaKS9WC
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didn't see before the game Sunday
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