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 Steelers Ravens (Gameday Thread)

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PostSubject: Re: Steelers Ravens (Gameday Thread)   Steelers Ravens (Gameday Thread) - Page 5 EmptyTue Oct 02, 2018 1:34 am

I'm not normally one to jump on the fire the coach bandwagon, but unless Tomlin pulls off a miracle this season and he somehow gets this team to do a complete 360... I think he should definitely be on the hot seat.

Like Mach said, this has been going on for a long time now. The knock on this team has always been the mental miscues, playing down to inferior competition, and an inability to get past the New England Patriots** who have basically owned us for the past however many years. That's not even accounting for the off-the-field distractions that Tomlin allows, and never disciplines his players for. He let all these distractions happen this offseason, did nothing to curb them, and with how disgruntled and disorganized as this team looks I'd definitely say that the distractions had a very adverse effect on this team. They just don't seem to have the chemistry they had even last season. That's on Tomlin. It's okay to be a player's coach, it's when you become too much of a player's coach that you have issues. Tomlin should've put his foot down on Antonio Brown's antics long ago, instead they coddle him like a baby. What happened to the Tomlin that benched Rashard Mendenhall when he was acting like an idiot?

Kevin Colbert should be feeling the heat as well. Some of these draft picks they've been making over the past few years are head scratchers to say the least. Look at Artie Burns. Every other team said that guy was a project, and at best a 2nd Round pick. Most pundits and scouts seemed to have him going in the 3rd - 4th Round. Instead we draft him late in the 1st Round when there were other better prospects on the board. I've given Burns a chance, but when you're getting benched in favor of Coty Sensabaugh, who was a castoff from other teams... That speaks volumes about how bad that pick turned out to be. The Terrell Edmunds pick had that same vibe for me.

Another guy they reached for when they didn't have to is Terrell Edmunds. I don't want to pass complete judgement on Edmunds yet as he's very young, and could very well develop into an amazing player, but I can't shake the feeling that they overdrafted the guy. And look at all these guys on our roster that are 1st and 2nd Rounders, particularly on defense and they've been horrible. Bud Dupree can't get a sack unless they scheme for it because his pass rush repertoire consists of bull rushing and nothing else. He's just a slightly better Jarvis Jones. The jury is still out on TJ Watt, he looks like he could be good, but right now they're just dropping him into coverage constantly, and we don't really get to see him pinning his ears back often enough.

I think it says a lot when the best guy in our secondary is Joe Haden, a guy the Browns drafted and let go. I love Haden, but he's essentially our #1 Corner when that was supposed to be Artie Burns. All the other guys that we've drafted are mediocre, or backup material at best.

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Steelers Ravens (Gameday Thread)
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