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 Week 15: Steelers @ Bengals.

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Week 15: Steelers @ Bengals. - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Week 15: Steelers @ Bengals.   Week 15: Steelers @ Bengals. - Page 3 EmptyWed Dec 23, 2020 8:33 pm

@SteelerFreak58 wrote:
I hope Kirkland is right... I think in 3 weeks he will be back saying he was wrong but his optimism is comendable. We will have to review this in three weeks after the wildcard game to find out...

i agree. after playing 14 games this team still for the most part looks like the same pile of shit they did after weeks 7 or 8. there is 2 components to a team. players and coaches. if after 14 games they still look this bad then there is an issue with either one of those components or both. i'm saying both. i think they lack talent at some positions and i think the talent they do have is not properly used, (or hardly used at all), to get the most out of them. i said before this losing streak started that relying on other teams mistakes to win is not winning football. they survived 11 weeks off of turnovers and the opponents getting costly penalties. i mean an ugly win is still a win, but at some point you need to actually beat a team strait up. they have yet to show they can do that.
the lose to the bengals is rock bottom if you ask me. if they got any balls at all they will respond with a big win against the colts and browns.

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Week 15: Steelers @ Bengals.
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