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 2022 Draft Pick hole

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PostSubject: 2022 Draft Pick hole   2022 Draft Pick hole EmptyWed Oct 13, 2021 1:21 am

well since this year we might get early round picks , they seem to have squandered away some picks. here is what i have gathered so far. this wont help the rebuild effort much 2022 Draft Pick hole 1505004552

4 - traded to the dolphins to get loudermilk
5 - goes to the jets as part of the avery williams trade
6 - goes to the jags for schobert
7 - we get a jets pick as part of the trade for avery

we were predicted to get a 3rd for dupree and a 5th for feiler. who did we sign to screw it up ? 2022 Draft Pick hole 2829330259

Quote :
The dust has settled on another year of free agency, and OverTheCap currently has the Steelers netting a third and fifth round compensatory pick for the 2022 NFL Draft. Pittsburgh looks to net a third from the loss of Bud Dupree, who signed a deal that annually nets him $16.5 million per season. The Steelers are just one of six teams projected to have a compensatory third-round pick in the 2022 NFL Draft.

The loss of Matt Feiler also looks to bring the Steelers a fifth-round pick in that same draft, as Feiler inked a deal worth $7 million dollars annually with the Los Angeles Chargers. And although the Steelers lost Mike Hilton, the signing of Joe Haeg essentially cancels each other out based on their respective contractual values in the compensatory formulas.

While time still remains for the Steelers' picks to change, a decent haul back in the draft next season looks to be in the books for Pittsburgh. Often, these picks can change with additions or subtractions during the regular season, as compensatory picks won't be finalized until after the season is over.
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2022 Draft Pick hole
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